Sunday, August 27, 2006

Nancy Pelosi, Is This The Face They Want

Nancy Pelosi is the House Minority Leader and if the Democrats win back the House this November she is certain to become the Speaker of the House. Is this the person that the Democrats have put out as the face of their party and is this the person America wants in the lead? In a recent interview Pelosi gives some interesting insight into the obstructionist ways of the Democratic party, and obstruction largely orchestrated by Pelosi.

Pelosi has demanded that the Democrats toe the line she has drawn and she holds grudges against those who do not do her bidding. She remarked, "Anybody who's ever dealt with me knows not to mess with me." I don't know how she could be such an imposing figure but evidently there are few Democrats willing to get out of her kool-aid line. For a long time now she has told her party to oppose everything that George Bush does and that they had a better plan yet when asked when that plan would be made public her answer was, "Never. Is never good enough for you?"

She took a strong stand against Social Security reform and if you read the article she gives the impression that she knows SS is in trouble but intimates that if the Democrats tell the seniors there is no problem and that the government's measly retirement plan is better, they will win the battle against reform and deal Bush a blow. Why should Pelosi worry? She is rich and will never have to worry about deciding between food and medication. Her desire to deal Bush defeat has overridden the reason she was sent to Congress and that is to represent the people.

This is a telling article and demonstrates how far the left will go to defeat Bush and the Republicans. They are manipulating events, like the William Jefferson corruption, to make the public believe that corruption is a Republican only problem. They are ignoring the trouble we face with Social Security and placing the financial solvency of that program at risk to advance a political agenda, and they are constantly portraying the war on terror in Iraq as "Bush's War." You read that correctly, the Democratic platform appears to be to distance themselves from a war they voted to undertake. In the local political ads I have heard here in Maryland every Democrat calls the war "Bush's War."

The article goes on to discuss that Pelosi sticks to the agreed upon talking points in order to keep hammering away at the opposition. This is part of politics but people need to ask themselves if the message is not true or is based upon deception, what exactly does that say about the party taking part in it? The Democrats are weak on national security and are only concerned about attaining power so they can push forward an agenda of socializing this country. Pelosi is one of the far left Democrats and there are a few from her own party that think she is too far left but they are squashed by her power at every turn.

Pelosi is a 66 year old grandmother who lives in liberal San Francisco. She comes from a liberal political family that started in Maryland. I do not know why people are afraid of her but if I were a Democrat I would not cower to this half pint mental midget. Of course, that is a nightmare scenario because I will never be a part of her party. Pelosi needs to have a foot placed swiftly in her hind quarters to bring her back to reality. She was elected by the people of her district to represent them. She is not the supreme ruler of the country and she needs to get back to Earth. She needs to be reminded that she works for the people, not the other way around.

One day in the future, the workers of America are going to be asked to pay more and more in taxes to fund Social Security and other give away items. Trillions of dollars have already been lost because of the delay in privatization. When the time comes that people are tired of being taxed to death and tired of being forced to lived under government suppression and tyranny, this country will have another armed revolution. It might not be in my lifetime but sometime in the future this government will be overthrown because of its excesses. When that day comes, much like the Roman Empire, America will cease to be and a new civilization will emerge.

We can avoid this by enforcing term limits and replacing EVERY member of Congress on a regular basis. We can also avoid it by forcing our elected leaders to work FOR us, not the other way around. We also would do well to getting back to the Constitution and stop playing games with the organizations and members of Congress who are hell bent on destroying this country.

As for Pelosi, I guess I have crossed your path. All I can say is BRING IT ON granny. This Dog will take a bite out of your ass that you will not soon forget.

Source: Time.

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At 8/30/2006 10:12 AM, Blogger Rosemary said...

Great post, but then again, Big Dog, you always do have a soft spot in my mind. :)


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