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Operation Recruiter Appreciation Day--GOE, 5/19/07

A message from a Gathering of Eagles (GOE):

Greetings! As announced by the Gathering of Eagles Chairman on 6 Apr, GOE is planning to recognize the critical contributions of America’s military recruiters. Larry Bailey’s directive follows:

Our first nationwide project will be “Operation Recruiter Appreciation (ORA).” On May 19th, Armed Forces Day, Eagles will independently set up appreciation demonstrations outside hundreds of military recruiting offices across the country. …each effort will be planned and coordinated by local Eagles, and each effort will, accordingly, have its own “hometown” flavor.

I have volunteered to act as the GOE point of contact for this effort, so that we may have one source for questions, answers, and suggestions. I invite all who are interested in either participating or getting more information to E-mail me here.

I would love for us to have participation from all 50 states and D.C. I will be communicating, at least initially, with all the assigned GOE state coordinators.

So what do you need to do to take part in GOE Recruiter Appreciation Day?
Use your imagination! Below I have listed some suggestions, but that’s all they are. I hope to see this thread become quite active as people come up with their own ideas of how to honor and thank our military recruiters.

Suggestions for ORA:
  • Deliver a pizza and some sodas to the recruiter’s office around lunchtime.
  • Drop off some VIP movie passes you picked up from a nearby theater.
  • Set up a table outside the office (after receiving permission) with some signs/banners advertising GOE and, more importantly, your efforts to honor the recruiters’ service and sacrifice. Perhaps have some goodies and a card for passersby to sign, contributing their appreciation.
  • Have your kids help you whip up some homemade cookies and/or brownies, and have the kids deliver them. Once the ice is broken, the kids and recruiters will definitely enjoy the visit. Trust me!
  • Invite one or more of the recruiters to your home for dinner later in the week.
  • Please don’t let a limited budget prevent you from participating. A simple hand-made card from a child, or even a smile and a warm handshake won’t cost anything but will lift some spirits and let our troops know you care.
  • During your visit, get some of the recruiters to pose with you for a few photos, so that we can share in your visit here on the forum. (Please remember to get permission to use their images/names)
  • Take a homemade sign saying “Thank you!” or “God bless our military” along with a few friends and stand outside a local recruiter’s office.
You get the idea. We’ll leave times flexible, but I would recommend around lunchtime in your areas. Not only is it easy to tie in with food and beverages, but hopefully the recruiters won’t have to work too late on a Saturday. (I said “hopefully”.)

We do ask that all participants try to connect their shows of support with Gathering of Eagles. It’s a nice way for your particular recruiters to find out about our mission, and it will be the perfect excuse for you to share with them that others across our nation are conducting similar shows of support and appreciation. If you can’t afford to purchase a large GOE banner, consider buying and/or wearing a GOE armband instead. Or simply have a homemade sign and/or business cards with our name and website.

How do I locate a recruiter?

Find information on local U.S. Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard recruiters by entering your zip code here: zip code.

For an Army recruiter specifically, you may need to go to this location instead: Find a Recruiter.

(By the way, any friends in other countries are welcome to join our efforts and add an international flavor.)

What’s my next step?

E-mail me here with the following information:
  • Your name.
  • Three initials of your choosing to be used to identify you on an image map and/or spreadsheet.
  • Type of recruiter (Service or Services using this office)
  • Location of recruiter (City and state are sufficient if it’s a sole office; include address if there’s more than one to choose from in a particular city/town)
  • How you are planning to honor our military recruiters (don’t be shy — gimme details!)
I recommend to everyone who agrees to participate in this endeavor to contact the senior recruiter in the office(s) you plan to visit, to let him/her know your plans. They may have suggestions as to what the team might want or need to make their job easier, and you certainly don’t want to show up on ORA Day only to have the office empty.

If I should have more than one person desiring to honor the same recruiter location, I may write back and ask you to find another location (to spread the love). If this is not feasible, just say so. I’d rather we have “extra love” at one site than someone potentially sitting home because there’s not another recruiter nearby.

Okay, I’ll start:

U.S. Army
Springfield VA - 6125B Backlick Road
Deliver pizzas and sodas for lunch, set up a table outside if allowed to encourage passersby to visit and sign a card. And I’m bringing my incredibly adorable daughters, ages 5 and 3.

I hope to receive E-mails from many of you in every state. I look forward to your creative ideas and motivation. Eagles up!

Here is Part 1 (here) and Part 2. Please try to do whatever you can. It will be greatly appreciated. :)

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